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Aero Tech Hobbies is one of the largest radio controlled hobby stores in Ohio. We carry a large selection of radio controlled airplane, car helicopter and boat models, from the top brand such as Hangar9. Great Planes, O.S. Engines, Team Losi, and many more. Unlike other hobby stores in Northeast Ohio area we specialize just in the Radio Controlled segment of the hobby. Being in business for over 28 years, our staff is experienced and knowledgeable of our products. Around the North Canton area, there may be other hobby shops out there, but none quite like us.

Aero Tech Hobbies

The difference is our in-depth, expert knowledge of products and services and our friendly willingness to share what we do best with our valued customers. We love it when patrons ask questions, poke around, and talk shop. What they get isn’t your toy store-variety item and service, but a true hobby-grade piece of functional machinery with solid moving parts; built for performance from a bright, talented hobby enthusiast.

We can help you get the right stuff at a great price. With products from Aero Tech, you can fly, or drive them, and if you break them we have the parts to repair, or even upgrade them. We even do service repair on most popular car brands. Aero Tech Hobbies works with some of the best top-name manufacturers in the industry to provide you with exclusive warranties on electronics and parts.